Young Adults (16-25 years old)


The early years of adulthood can be an exciting and challenging time in our lives. Avenues supports young adults with needs related to learning and physical disabilities, autism, or acquired brain injury to get the most out of these transitional years and start to make their own choices, take more control and increase independence.

Young adults might need support because they are moving out of the family home or a residential service or they might be moving on from school or have new routines needing a new support package. Our support is designed around what is important to each person we work with. We get to know what makes them tick so we can find the best way to support them to live a fulfilling life and explore their potential. We aim to match individuals and support workers according to shared interests.

In our supported living services young adults live in their own home, either on their own or sharing with others, with as much or as little support as they need to live independently. Some people need a bit of extra support at home to help with household tasks and money management, and others might need support outside of the home, getting to and from work or going into town.

Our outreach services provide flexible support so young adults can do different things. That might be going to school, college or work, using public transport, going to football practice every week or making sure the shopping is done. Outreach can vary from as little as an hour a week to regular daily visits.

In some areas we provide additional services for those in a transitional stage of their life alongside services that are designed with young adults in mind, Active Lifestyles and Supported Work and Volunteering.

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