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Family matters

Parents often hold the key to understanding how to make good support great. We work with them because we recognise the unique knowledge and insight they have into their loved one’s needs.

We work like this because it benefits everyone, and is just the right way to do things. Here are a few words from our parents about what life can be like with Avenues support.

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Andrew, Daniel and David's dad, Bob

“There are so many options for parents of children with learning disability, and so many providers, and it can be daunting when you’re making choices on their behalf.
"But we’re delighted with the support Avenues is giving them and the progress they’re making. They’re living a different life now, with far more independence and freedom. They seem happy, which is all any parent wants for their family.”

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Rachel's dad, Mark

“She is living somewhere that she feels valued and loved. This gives her the will to keep going – she knows she has a life worth living.
“Of course the team have a professional job to do, but there is a real feeling of ‘family’ within the service, and that extends to us as parents when we visit. "The great thing is we often have to make an appointment to visit just because she’s out and about so much. And then when we leave we have peace of mind that our daughter is safe, happy and enjoying life.”

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Andrew’s mum, Mary

“The support Andrew gets now is all that we could ever wish for, staff bring out the very best in the people supported here and managers lead by example. The door is always open for us.
“Avenues has literally wrapped their arms around our son and – yes – miracles can happen. Andrew is getting his sparkle back.”
“I would just like all parents who are in a similar situation to know that they do have choices in the provision of support. One size does not fit all and the time comes when people’s support needs change.

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Charlotte’s aunt, Joanne

“The support we have had has surpassed all our high expectations. The people are incredible and show what a vocation social care really is. They love what they do, and that feeling filters through everything, from the moment you walk through the door.
“We feel so included in Charlotte’s new life, and that we are now part of a wider family that all want the best for her. The support team are just fantastic.
“I can’t begin to express the peace of mind we have now, knowing that Charlotte’s in a place where she’s so happy, cared for and can flourish.

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Tori and Emily are the daughters of Mandy and Nigel Mullett. Here the Mulletts talk about the challenges of being a parent, looking for support for a family member and working with us …


Avenues has developed comprehensive training package on working with families, that all staff follow. It is now being shared with the sector through Skills for Care and used in the wider adult social care sector.

Avenues Learning and Development Manager Shane Carroll said: “Families play a critical role in understanding the individual being supported; developing and maintaining the relationship and rapport with them means we can develop better services and support people to live the life they want. Avenues has a deep commitment to doing this”