Accommodation and support vacancies


We have a number of accommodation and support vacancies at our services across the country, as shown below. If you would like to find out more about any of these opportunities, or discuss the services we provide, please email our Referrals Team.


Void code  County   Town   Support type   Building type   Bedrooms   Description  Specialism  LA Nomination Rights 
1 London Kingston Supported living Bungalow 2 Bungalow located within a private residential estate. Small and shared access with other 3 bungalows and at 3 minutes walk to the nearest bus station Learning Disability, Autism and Mental health needs - Schizophrenia, OCD, Physical disability, and Speech impairment  London Borough of Kingston 
 2 London  Locksbottom   Supported living Detached House   2  A detached house with medium garden and 2 space in drive way . Good public transport links  Personality disorder, Autism and Learning disabilities   
 3 Welmede  Ottershaw   Supported  living House    2  House with a large unfenced  open street garden. Limited park area. Fairly poor public transport links   Learning disabilities   
London Blackfen  Residential  Bungalow   2 Bungalow with large fenced garden. Good public transport links   Profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD) Physical disability  London Borough of Bexley
5 Surrey Warlington Supported living Detached House 2 Detached house with large fenced garden and adequate on site parking area. Strong public transport links  Learning disabilities  with Dementia,End of life/Palliative Care/Elderly  
6 London Bexleyheath Supported living House 3 This property has a large garden with 4 parking space. Easy access to buses and trains Autism  
7 Welmede Caterham Supported living Large Shared house (First floor only) 2 A large shared house with fenced garden and parking space. The are is served by buses Learning disabilities   
8 London Walthamstaw Forest Supported Living  House 1 A house in the town center with access to garden only by entering downstairs floor . No parking space available. Leytonstone tube station and buses near the property. Autism and Complex behavior   
9 Welmede Goldworth Park Supported Living  House 1 A house with a small fenced garden and 1-1 car space. Good links to Woking. Autism,  Complex behavior  

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For more information about any of our vacancies, or to discuss the services we provide, please email our Referrals Team.