Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) - Avenues Group
30 - 1993-2023

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is central to how we work with people at Avenues, because we know that its consistent use can transform people’s lives.

It’s a big commitment, but it’s worth it. That’s why we employ dedicated practice development leads who train, develop and coach support teams in the use of  Positive Behaviour Support. They’re involved in planning people’s support packages from the referral and assessment stage, to make sure we get things right for people from day one.

It’s also a fundamental part of our training for all our support staff, and we monitor all our services to make sure people we support are benefiting from these methods throughout the time they choose to be supported by Avenues.

All our teams are trained in Positive Behaviour Support and have the skills to support people to have a real life, flourish and be healthy, no matter how complex their needs.

More about Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive behaviour support is a way of supporting someone who displays behaviour that challenges that involves their family and friends as well as our support teams.

Displaying behaviour that challenges is a way of letting people know your feelings and emotions when you don’t have the communication or social skills to do so in other ways. When practicing positive behaviour support, we start by looking at the reasons behind each individual person’s behaviour that challenges.

There is always a reason for someone’s behaviour and we carry out a full assessment to work out what it is. From there, we can develop realistic plans and strategies that will reduce the frequency of the behaviour that challenges and improve the person’s quality of life.

Our support workers base the way they interact with and support someone on a full understanding of that person’s behaviour. Our practice development leads often work alongside families as well as the support team to ensure that people experience consistency in their support, whoever is delivering it.

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