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30 - 1993-2023

Coronavirus – resources, activities and visiting

Updated information about visiting our services under the restrictions here

Maintaining positive relationships with families is extremely important to Avenues, and central to creating the best services possible. That’s why we’re making sure families are supported at this challenging time.

Below is a list of resources we hope you may find useful to aid people’s understanding of what is happening and stay well. Always remember that our staff teams are here should you need further guidance. Also please see our ‘working with families’ website page.

Supporting someone with a learning disability to understand coronavirus and what it means:

Obviously each individual’s level of understanding may differ, but here is a list of resources or links that may help.

•    Self-help booklet series from the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability

•    Official Government Guidance – If you scroll to ‘Guidance for the Public’. Each individual section will have an Easy-Read document available. These include easy-read guidance on shielding, advice on staying in and looking after your feelings.

•    A variety of easy-reads and stories from Achieve Together organisation.

•    Visual resources from Mustard Seed Autism Trust

Suggested activities:

Learning Disability Wales have pulled together a great range of resources to keep everyone engaged during the lockdown, including a ‘Things to do at home’ page.

Staying connected:

•    If you are separated from your family member apps like WhatsApp are useful as well as FaceTime (Apple) and Zoom to connect. You can set up WhatsApp groups to stay in touch with different groups of people (as long as you have permission to share people’s phone numbers); share photos what you are doing; and use video calling which is free over Wi-Fi to stay in touch with people. This may be useful if the person you are caring for is separated from their regular housemates for example.
•    Avenues staff in your service should also be able to advise on ways of keeping in contact with your family member.

Wellbeing support for you and your family:

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed particular demands on families and on everyone’s mental health. If you are feeling you may need extra support there are a number of useful resources available.
In recognition of the unprecedented challenges which the outbreak and extended periods of self-isolation can pose, Public Health England has published new online guidance setting out principles to follow to help people to manage their mental health during this difficult time, such as:
•    maintaining contact with friends and family via telephone and video calls, or social media
•    keeping a regular routine and sleeping pattern
•    getting out once a day or bring nature in
•    keeping your mind active
•    doing things you enjoy

Looking after mental health:

Financial advice:

Government coronavirus guidance for people receiving direct payments