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Complex needs and behaviour that challenges


Avenues has a long track record of working with people with complex needs and behaviour that challenges, supporting them to live better lives.

Someone can have complex needs because of learning or physical disabilities, autism, mental health, acquired brain injury or dementia, often combined with physical health needs that might include epilepsy or sensory issues.

Behaviour that challenges is the term given to types of behaviour that people at times display as a way of getting their needs met. Behaviour that challenges is a way of letting people know your feelings and emotions when you don’t have the communication or social skills to do it in other ways.  These types of behaviour include self-injury, hurting others, ingesting inedible items, being destructive, or other behaviours like persistently running away, spitting or removing clothes.

People with complex needs or behaviour that challenges may have experienced a number of placements, some of them a long way from home, either because their needs have changed or the placement has broken down. It is not uncommon for people to first make contact with us because of a crisis in current support arrangements or because a change in circumstances means there is need for a new support package, for example at the end of a hospital admission or residential education.

Avenues supports people who are living with complex needs or behaviour that challenges at different stages in their lives. We build support packages around each person, modifying the type or level of support as their needs change, with the overall aim of reducing it over time. Our support workers have the outlook, skills and training to make sure the people we support are safe, included and encouraged. We work with the Tizard Centre, one of the leading UK academic groups working in learning disability and community care, to design and develop our training programmes in positive behaviour support and person-centred active support, approaches we use when working with people with complex needs or challenging behaviour.

Complex needs and behaviour that challenges don’t prevent someone from being active, engaged and enjoying social contact. In the right living environment, with a support package developed around the individual and what is important to them, everyone can live a good life.

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