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Support worker uses poetry to get her message across

Friday 26th of July 2019

An Avenues support worker is using her poetry as a way of strengthening her team’s connection with the people they support.

Mikila Lake, who works at Oakwood Drive, wrote ‘What If it Was Me?’ using her own personal insight into the feelings of people with autism and learning disability, after supporting her son throughout his childhood, and eventually into his own supported living.

Mikila explained: “It’s hard to explain how exhausting it is for a parent, and it’s a completely different challenge for the disabled child as we all try to adapt to this life. The pressure you feel to do the best for them is relentless, and the stresses can be overwhelming for everyone. Once my son was an adult and in supported living, I realised what I wasn’t feeling well at all, and went to the doctor. He basically said that I’d been traumatised by all that I’d been through, but I hadn’t realised because I’d been supporting him non-stop for years and years. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but it takes its toll.

For all that though, I didn’t want to waste my experience as a parent, and after a while started working in social care as a way of trying to help others.

“I’m so happy I’ve found Avenues, the quality of the support is way ahead of other providers I’ve worked for and I was happy to share my poem with my team because it’s such an open and trusting environment.”

What If It Was Me?

What if it was me who needed support to make my tea?
That needed medication every evening to help my anxiety
That has never had a boyfriend someone to accept me for just me
Wow! Let me think for a minute really…. What if it was me?
I would have to rely on people like you to help me everyday
To guide me when I am struggling
To show me the right way
Not to take away my independence but to help me gain more
If it was me that’s what I imagine that I would need you for
It wouldn’t be because I can’t do it, I would honesty try my best
I would not want you to assume I couldn’t, just because I might seem stressed
People acting in my best interest is how I would want things to be
That’s why before I do things I stop and think …

What if it was me?