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Sophie’s blog: It Takes 2

Thursday 11th of May 2017

Sophie, ambassador for Avenues project It Takes 2, blogs about her experience of the project and what she enjoys about being a part of the steering group.

I met Carly last year. We met in the Tasty Café in Eltham. We got to know each other very well. We settled on some dates where we could meet and look for some jobs for me to do. We met in the library as it had Wi-Fi so we could use the internet. Me and Carly looked but nothing came up for four weeks. Then eventually something came up. It was at an organisation called Listening Ears.

Carly made me feel really comfortable, she was nice and kind I knew she was going to be very helpful and understanding. I felt very comfortable and safe with It Takes 2.

Listening Ears is a local charity in Greenwich where people can give their time and go and visit older people and make sure they are ok. I go on Mondays. I see a lovely lady called Brenda. She’s very sweet and kind, she has a lot of history. It’s very interesting and I assure you I enjoy every moment.

Brenda told me loads of stories, I can’t quite remember them all, but one in particular was about the olden days where you could get on an old bus for 70p or something like that. I enjoyed every moment with her. I don’t know how to explain it but I wake up and get all excited about seeing Brenda she always makes me smile. We love Homes Under the Hammer so we have a similar connection.

I am also an ambassador for the project, It Takes 2. Being an ambassador is very important. You go to meetings to decide things about the project. The Greenwich Social Isolation event in Woolwich was brilliant. Me and Carly walked over to the town hall in Woolwich and that’s where I met Martin. He had all these props hats and wigs, a funny combination, and we had a Polaroid camera and I had the fun of taking pictures. I loved it very much, it was fun, I’ll definitely do another one with the camera and definitely get more people this time. I think I managed to get 20 or 30 I can’t remember but I enjoyed it very much.

Being an ambassador is very important to me, it’s a privilege to be one and being an ambassador is very important, you have to raise your voice, create stuff, help people and do the right things that an ambassador should do. I felt very privileged and honoured to go to my first steering group, it was very interesting and if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything so yes I’m definitely honoured.

I’m Sophie and this is my blog I hope I have inspired you.