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Six quick ways to practice mindfulness during your day

Thursday 5th of May 2016

Mindfulness is an approach that helps people to manage their thoughts and feelings. Chris Gregory, Learning and Development Manager at Avenues has been delivering a mindfulness programme to staff across the organisation for the last 2 years. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week he’s come up with six easy ways to practice mindfulness during your day.


  1. Go outside

This is a great one, especially at this time of year, the weather’s getting better, and the bluebells are out. It could be about taking some time to really appreciate how the seasons are changing or just pausing for 10 minutes.


  1. In a queue

It’s really easy to get frustrated when we are waiting in a queue. It’s also a really easy time to practice mindfulness. This one’s about noticing those emotions, the frustration or impatience, and also paying attention to everything else that’s going on around us.


  1. Put a sticker on your computer, desk or phone

Sometimes we are so busy that we can forget to take any time to just stop. A good technique is to stick a little sticker on your phone, laptop or somewhere on your desk. Each time you see this, you can use it a reminder to just pause, and bring yourself back to the present moment.


  1. Think about what’s good, right now

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future, about what’s already happened, but perhaps less so about the present moment. Why not take 5 minutes of your day to think about what’s good in your life, not planning for the future, just appreciating what you have right now.


  1. The three step breathing space

This mindfulness practice incorporates the core elements of mindfulness into a quick and easy formal practice. You can practice this anytime, anywhere. Listen to a free guided three step breathing space meditation.


  1. Pick a routine activity and really notice it

There are lots of activities we do on auto-pilot, we don’t really pay attention to them and just go through the motions. An easy way to be mindful every day is to pick one of these activities and really pay attention to it. You could choose anything from brushing your teeth to drinking a coffee.