Sight training making an impact


Avenues is working with The National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) to raise awareness and deliver 'Vision Champion' training, which is centred on how visual impairments link to behaviour that challenges and positive behaviour support (PBS). Avenues Practice Development Lead ​​Sarah Kean tells us more...

"We have now finished evaluating the first Vision Champion training sessions, using the results from questionnaires and focus groups. The results have been really positive showing that employees' awareness of behaviours and their attribution to potential sight loss has greatly increased. 

"Employees who started the training without the confidence to support people with complex needs and sight loss all said they now feel confident providing this support. Feedback from focus groups also showed that the training has had a positive impact in services and on the lives of the people we support.

"Our initial vision champion training was delivered to 11 Avenues employees across three subsidiaries. The training ran over two days and began by considering sight loss and common eye conditions affecting people with learning disabilities. The RNIB Vision Champion Toolkit is then introduced, which aims to empower staff to support people with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge to access eye care services."