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Praise for development of complex service

Monday 6th of November 2017

Our newly-developed property at Amis Avenue opened its doors to partners from Surrey County Council, NHS England and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG).

Pictured: Avenues Director Jayne Kilgallen, Executive Assistant Beverley Laurance, Deputy Chief Executive Jo Land with Ralph Michel from NHS England

(Pictured: Avenues Director Jayne Kilgallen, Executive Assistant Beverley Laurance, Deputy Chief Executive Jo Land with Ralph Michel from NHS England)

The property in Surrey will soon become home to three young women from NHS England’s Transforming Care programme, and it has been comprehensively redesigned and refurbished to meet their complex needs.

The visit was organised to showcase the new service, which the group sees as an example of best practice in service development for people leaving hospital through the programme.

Group Deputy Chief Executive Jo Land said: “It’s great to see such a thoughtful, well-designed property, but the real outcome of the development is that three young women will now be able to make the move from hospital to a home of their own, with the support they need to develop throughout their adult lives.”

Positive Behaviour Support Lead Sarah Kean led a tour of the bungalow and explained the thinking behind the design decisions. “All of these young women have specific needs and each element of the refurbishment, from furniture to bathrooms, fixings and door arrangements has been specified to meet their requirements,” she explained, “Although there is extensive assessment and consideration made before transition, as they settle into the accommodation we expect their needs and behaviours to change, and we will continue to adapt the property and support these requirements.”

Head of Strategy at NHS England Ralph Michel said afterwards: “I’m delighted that Avenues is working so closely with the local council and NHS, and making good use of national funding to make homes available for people with a learning disability who are leaving hospital. I hope we will see many more like this in the months and years ahead”

Chief Executive of the Voluntary Disability Organisations Group, Dr Rhidian Hughes, joined Ralph on a tour of the service and described his impressions of the project:
“A big challenge for the social care sector is to support more people to leave long-stay hospitals, as well as to prevent others from being admitted in the first place. Amis Avenue is an excellent example of a modern, fit for purpose, building that will enable people who require support to live their lives to the full in the local community”, he said.