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New training package to support working with families

Monday 7th of October 2019

Avenues has developed a new training package to support the wider adult social care sector to work more effectively with families.

Our learning and approach us based on our experience of working closely with families like the Mullets

The organisation was commissioned by Skills for Care to help develop a new training framework for organisations. It can be adapted to tailor it to the size of the group and the expectations of providers, the people they support and their families.

Avenues Learning and Development Manager Shane Carroll said: “Families play a critical role in understanding the individual being supported; developing and maintaining the relationship and rapport with them means we can develop better services and support people to live the life they want.

“Avenues has a deep commitment to doing this and we were delighted to be approached by Skills for Care to share our learning and experience of building these connections.”

Jim Thomas, Programme Head for Workforce Innovation at Skills for Care said: “Families, friends and carers are often a vital part of the life of someone who needs care and support. When services know how to work well with families, the outcomes for individuals can be improved.

“Whilst this sounds like a common sense approach, some employers have a culture that sees families as a problem and difficult to work with.

“Our training framework sets out some good practice guidelines about what adult social care employers and their staff need to know and do to work effectively with people’s families, friends and carers.”

The training can be delivered as a one-day event, or broken down into bite-sized sessions. To find out more about the framework and training package, visit the Skills for Care website –