National Citizen Service (NCS) programme comes to Avenues in Sutton


As part of the NCS social action scheme 13 young people came to Avenues in Sutton to help renovate an allotment for the people we support.


The NCS scheme aims to bring together young people aged 15-17, from a wide range of backgrounds to build skills, meet new people and carry out a social action project.

NCS work with a wide range of organisations and for the first time this year, Avenues have become one of their partners. By bringing together schools, businesses, community organisations and individuals NCS aim to create stronger and more cohesive communities.

As part of the programme young people carry out a social action project with their teams. This year 13 young people came to Avenues in Sutton to complete theirs. They first visited Avenues on 9th August and heard more from Chan Sood, Service Manager about what we do, the people we support and what we were looking for from their project. They then discussed what they might do, and came up with a plan.

Next the team pitched their project idea to a ‘dragons den’ panel made up of people from the local community. The team that came to Avenues were awarded the highest funding NCS offers for their project from the panel and carried out further fundraising activities in the local community.

Two weeks later on 17th August they came and completed the project. The young people spent a full day at the allotments cleaning up and painting the Gazebo. They also bought a BBQ for the sociable area in the middle of the allotment.

Chan Sood, Service Manager said ‘they were such a lovely, hard working group who have made a massive difference up at the allotments. Before the shaded sociable area wasn’t usable but now it’s a great place for people to take a break from the allotments or to socialise and have a BBQ. The young people did an absolutely amazing job and have created a relaxing area that the people we support can use and enjoy. It was a pleasure to work with them for the day.’

In addition to their hard work at the allotment, the team have also decided to donate the remainder of the money they raised during the fundraising part of the programme to Avenues. All of the young people were drama students and are currently planning with Chan Sood the possibility of coming back to Avenues in the autumn to deliver a drama workshop for some of the people we support.

A big thank you to the team who worked so hard to pull this off:

  • Aayushi
  • Alex
  • Charlotte
  • Evie 
  • Feroza
  • Indiana
  • Isabel 
  • Kyle
  • Megan 
  • Serena
  • Shaye
  • Tom
  • Rachel 
  • Martina
  • Raman