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30 - 1993-2023

My Vote My Voice: Supporting the right to vote in 2024

Friday 5th of May 2023

In preparation for the general election in 2024 Avenues has signed up to the My Vote My Voice campaign. The campaign aims to encourage more people with learning disabilities and autism to vote in next year’s election. 

The My Vote My Voice campaign is supported by a number of organisations in addition to Avenues including Dimensions and Mencap.

The incentive has been initiated within Avenues by Co-Production and Safeguarding Manager Cressida Rapela;

“Avenues have signed up to this important campaign as there are still assumptions made that people who have a learning disability or who are autistic can’t vote. We believe that people should be able to access and exercise their right to vote and to have information on voting that is easily accessible to them.”

For many people supported by Avenues voting is an important step in them being able to have their say about their community.

For Ian, who is supported in Surrey, it’s about improving local governance and services in his area “I vote to get better people in Hawley and Reigate. I’m concerned about the services, especially public transport” he said.

Ian voting in the 2019 General Election

James, also supported in Surrey think it’s “good to have the right to an opinion” in his local area, also on transport and amenities. “It’s been a confusing time with the change in Prime Ministers. My poll card is very safe in my room.” he said.

Voting ID changes

Ian thinks the process could be more difficult this year for people with learning disabilities due to need to have identification (ID) such as a driving licence or passport. “They’ve changed the rules” he said.

This difficulty has been addressed by the My Vote My Voice campaign and a full list of identification that is accepted is available here.  However those without listed ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate. The campaign has also included a ‘Voting Passport’ form on their site which can be downloaded by those requiring a little more support to vote. This is then handed to the Polling station staff.

My Vote My Voice has produced a number of resources from explaining the voting process in Easy Read format to information orientated towards those people supporting someone to vote. You can find out more at