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30 - 1993-2023

Michael and Monim fulfill their time-travelling dream

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

It was a case of travelling to Dorset rather than another galaxy recently as Doctor Who fans Michael and Monim fulfilled a dream by picking up their very own Tardis.

A Facebook post of Michael and Monim, who are supported by Avenues in London, painting their garden shed in ‘Tardis’ blue caught the eye of Avenues’ Chief Executive Jo Land recently which got her thinking she might just be able to fulfill some wishes for the Doctor Who hungry pair.

“I remembered my husband Ted had undertaken some work at the BBC Prop storage facility and after some negotiation had managed to bring home a Tardis that was going to be scrapped. After the novelty wore off, it had been languishing, unused, with relatives in Dorset – when I saw the story of Michael and Monim painting the shed, I knew they could make much better use of it and so plans were put in place to launch Operation Tardis. Sadly The Doctor hadn’t left his time distortion equaliser thingy in place so it required a weekend road trip to Dorset for Michael, Monim, their support staff and a committed team of senior managers with lifting and shifting power.” said Jo.

The pair’s enthusiasm for Doctor Who is evident in their house in London

“I would say I’m quite a big Doctor Who fan,  I have all 13 series in box sets lined up in my bedroom and me and Monim often binge-watch them. I’d actually talked about buying a Tardis when we painted the shed!” said Michael.

The boys excitedly set off down to Dorset with their support team to hunt out the Tardis

“We took a van, me, Michael, Mickey (Gray, Regional Director) and Darren (Pillay, Senior Operations Manager)” said Monim.

When they arrived the Tardis was dismantled and dusty but still caused huge excitement.

“Wow, it was very impressive, a lot bigger than I expected” said Michael “I know it was massive, huge” remarked Monim

The team managed to fit it in the van and took it back to London to assemble.

“Actually we just re-clicked it back together, it was like a big jigsaw puzzle” recalled Monim

Operation Tardis proved a worthwhile adventure for all;

“Michael and Monim had a really good time and they love their new Tardis” said Regional Director Mickey.

The boys are thrilled to have their very own time-travelling machine in the back garden and are even planning to make a few upgrades;

“It’s impressive, practically a beast!” said Michael

“Yes we are hoping to get a new blue light put on the top of the roof and maybe a telephone inside” added Monim.

Of course the big question is ‘if they could go anywhere, where would they like to go in the new Tardis|?’

“Well we could do backwards or forwards in space, it could get a bit messy” said Michael “I’d like to go back to where the ‘Big Bang’ happened or to when McDonalds first started, so I could taste one of their first burgers!” Michael said cheerfully.