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30 - 1993-2023

Latest News: Autism Hampshire joins Avenues Group

Wednesday 1st of November 2023

Autism Hampshire, a leading charity dedicated to providing support and services to autistic people and their families, is merging with Avenues Group.  

 The merger, effective from 1 November 2023, promises ongoing benefits for autistic people in Hampshire and across the country. 

Autism Hampshire Interim Chief Executive/Operations Director Allison Henbest and Avenues Chief Executive Jo Land

In recent years, social care charities have faced huge external challenges. These include pressures on funding, the disruption caused by Covid-19, and the cost-of-living crisis. These influences have made it increasingly difficult to continue to provide high-quality services which are sustainable in the long-term.   

To protect the future of their services, Autism Hampshire decided to look for a merger partner which shared its values. 

Shared values, culture and commitment to quality

The decision to join Avenues Group was made following a thorough selection process. Autism Hampshire identified shared values, a shared culture and a shared commitment to quality as key factors driving their choice. They also recognised expertise in enhancing the lives and careers of those they support. 

Before agreeing to merge, both organisations conducted in-depth due diligence to identify any potential risks.After which, both boards of trustees unanimously agreed to go ahead with the merger. Members have also now voted in favour.  

Bringing strengths together

Allison Henbest, Interim CEO and Operations Director at Autism Hampshire, says, Through joining forces with Avenues, we are excited about bringing our strengths together to continue to create a better future for autistic people in Hampshire and beyond. Avenues brings a wealth of expertise that we cannot wait to draw upon, to support the growth of our services, and to continue to fulfil the goals and aspirations of the people we support. 

 Jonathan Hardie, Executive Chair of Autism Hampshire, adds, “Autism Hampshire is delighted to have secured the future for its staff, services, and the people that we serve by joining forces with such an established and respected organisation as AvenuesThis merger allows Autism Hampshire to continue to operate and grow off a more stable financial basis. It will see appropriate investment in the staff and the organisation that can only be to the benefit of those that we serve, which has always been the abiding aim of Autism Hampshire.” 

Exceptional opportunities

Jo Land, CEO at Avenues Group, comments, Autism Hampshire is an organisation that Avenues have long admired, and we see strong alignment between their support for people and ours. The opportunities that this merger brings for longterm sustainable, quality support for people are exceptional. As a Group, we can go on to deliver even better outcomes for the people we support and employ which is what we are both all about. These are exciting times for both organisations and I am looking forward to what we can achieve together”. 

Terry Rich, Chair of Trustees at Avenues Group, goes on to express, “Combining our strengths, experiences and dedication promises a bright future for those who need us – one where they continue to get the great support they deserve. Together we can build our services and create even better lives for the people we already support, but also for many others in years to come.” 

Further information 

You can find out more about Autism Hampshire by visiting their website:   

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