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Kindness and understanding count

Friday 7th of September 2018

Nigel and Mandy Mullett’s daughters, Tori and Emily, have been supported by Avenues for ten years. Nigel shared their insights into the components of great support, and the positive impact it has on their daughters’ lives …

The Mulett family

“It’s important for us to see that Tori and Emily are enjoying life; we know there’ll be some challenging days, but we know that they are generally very happy with their core team of staff.

“We work closely with the Avenues support team and regularly all go out together, whether that’s 10-pin bowling, a walk round the park or a visit to the local garden centre, all of which Tori and Emily really enjoy. It’s vital that everyone – all the Avenues staff and the family – work together to create a person-centred approach. We all want the same thing and that is for the girls to be happy, safe and lead to a fulfilled and productive life

“Understanding what they like, and their feelings about specific things takes sensitivity, which really is an essential quality for any support worker. It’s also important that staff are flexible in their thinking and can think and act ‘outside of the box’.

“And then just as important is kindness, which means doing the best thing for the person, even when it takes extra effort.”