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30 - 1993-2023

John’s journey to independence

Monday 2nd of January 2023

“Some might feel that 13 is an unlucky number but I am so happy to be moving into flat number 13 – I feel like the luckiest man in the world. Twelve years ago Avenues saved my life.”

Avenues has supported John since he suffered a brain injury that, combined with his existing mild learning disability, made life impossible to manage.Photo of John moving int his new home

In that time, with the support he needs, he has made extraordinary progress in all areas of his life. Recently he has been able to consistently show that he no longer needs the level of support that he has did in the past to keep himself safe and well; so much so that he has just signed his own tenancy for a flat in his home town of Tonbridge.

“I was drinking far too much alcohol, I was in debt, I was hoarding stuff, my flat was a mess and I felt so lonely. Avenues helped me to move in with two other gentlemen and have supported me to turn my life around. I haven’t had a drink for 12 years now and I have got a part-time voluntary job. My reading and writing has come on and I have written 35 short stories that I like to share with friends and family.

“I don’t ignore and hide my letters and bills anymore, and if I am not sure what to do I will ask for help. Most importantly I am not in debt – it feels good not to owe money to anyone. I went to catering college and can now cook well and look after myself. I feel that my life is so much better now thanks to all the support I have had from the Avenues team and my support worker Kay. I’ve got friends and I will make new ones in my new home too.  I think I am ready for this move, and moving on further with my life.’’

Avenues Senior Operations Manager Martin Slater has worked with John over many years and supported him with his big move.

He explains “I couldn’t be more pleased for John. The level of support that we have been giving him has reduced year on year, to the point where he almost no longer needs us.

“John is now so much more confident and self assured. He knows how and when to ask for assistance if he needs it but will always seek to achieve his goals independently. Working with Kent County Council, Avenues will continue to support him, but now only for a few hours a week, just to check in and make sure that all is going well for him in his new home. It’s nowhere near the level that he has needed in the past. This is such a positive move for John. He has developed in all life skills areas and the progress he has made has been nothing short of magnificent.”

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