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30 - 1993-2023

‘Incredible’ support is life changing for grieving family

Friday 21st of May 2021

A family hit by tragedy during the pandemic are building a bright new future with Avenues support.

When Charlotte Pocock lost her father to Covid-19 in 2020, grieving sibling Daisy was left as her primary carer.

While Daisy had spent many years supporting Charlotte within the family, the strain caused by the bereavement, combined with her sister’s support needs, was huge.

The 23-year-old explained: “When my dad passed away on 22 April, we weren’t sure what we would do. While he had been so ill, I had been Charlotte’s main carer, and our hopes he would get better and we might continue to support Charlotte at home together were gone. I had been supporting her on my own for months and knew I couldn’t keep going like that.

Charlotte with aunt Joanne
Charlotte with her aunt Joanne (right) at Neave Crescent

“Then the opportunity came up for her to move into Neave Crescent, and be supported by Avenues. When she first moved in she was quite a handful, and of course didn’t really know what had happened or why she was there.

“But she’s really settled down now. John and his team have been absolutely great and so supportive. Charlotte loves to interact and play with all the support workers, particularly Amy! It gives us real peace of mind to know she is somewhere she is happy. We really miss being with her and hugging her, but fortunately are only 10 minutes away.”

Charlotte with Daisy and her support team
Charlotte with her sister Daisy (centre left) at Neave Crescent

Charlotte’s aunt, Joanne Tighe, said that the support for her niece and the family exceeds anything she had imagined when they were considering the support package from Avenues.

“Charlotte used to get respite care at another provider’s service in Neave Crescent, and when I spoke to them they said that they could see what a brilliant service it was, just through how happy and engaged the people who lived there were –  and the support workers too – when they saw them out and about.

“And when I spoke to Charlotte’s learning disability nurse, she said she wouldn’t hesitate in picking Avenues, and it was what she would choose for her child.

“But the support we have had has surpassed all our high expectations. The people who work at Neave are incredible and show what a vocation social care really is. They love what they do, and that feeling filters through everything, from the moment you walk through the door.

“We feel so included in Charlotte’s new life, and that we are now part of a wider family that all want the best for her. The support team are just fantastic.

“I can’t begin to express the peace of mind we have now, knowing that Charlotte’s in a place where she’s so happy, cared for and can flourish.

“We want Charlotte to develop and live a full life, and we know the Avenues team at Neave Crescent will do everything they can to make sure she does – we can see it happening already. ”

Service Manager John Crowley (pictured far left in image below of the staff team) explained that the move had been tough for Charlotte, who has autism and a learning disability. But he says the determination and expertise of his team has made all the difference. “This truly has been a team effort. The support workers have been fantastic, as have Charlotte’s family. And I have to give special credit to Beena in Avenues’ Practice Development Team who has just been exceptional.

“When Charlotte moved in she was really very anxious and this showed through her destructive behaviour. But even with all the constraints of lockdown, just through listening carefully to what everyone understands about Charlotte, Beena has provided us with a PBS support framework that has had an incredible positive effect on Charlotte’s happiness and behaviours.

“I’m sure we’ll have ups and downs, but it’s great to see Charlotte doing so well and how the ripples from this one single void being filled have changed things for so many people – the family have had a really hard time and it’s important they know that Charlotte is somewhere where she can settle and thrive.”

The staff team