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30 - 1993-2023

Avenues’ Positive Behaviour Support Training highlighted by Health Education England

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Avenues approach to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training is being shared with the sector nationally.

report on Avenues’ comprehensive training programme has been published as part of Health Education England’s Workforce Development Programme. The programme is designed to provide sustainable training for those supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

In 2016 Avenues applied for funding to undertake a pilot workforce transformation project via the Intellectual Disabilities Programme working across the South East within Health Education England. In line with Avenues’ ongoing commitment to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Active Support, collaborative ways of supporting someone’s individual needs and behaviour, the focus was on improving training in this area. This was also something that was to be increasingly important in the 2021-2025 strategy.

Author of the report Avenues’ Manager of Learning & Development Shane Carroll, said “At Avenues our strategy is all about how we are ‘building better lives together’ and how important it is that everyone understands what it means and the impact it can have.  Although this started as funding for Learning and Development, we believe that it’s all about working together and all understanding the goals based around Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support, whether that’s Service Manager to Support Worker, Support Worker to the people that we support or all support staff to family members and loved ones.”


Positive Behaviour Support in practice: Daniel paints his room in a colour of his choice

Since the programme began in 2016 the training has evolved, the aim being for a completely integrated approach.

Shane concluded “We all need to understand what PBS and Active Support really means, and how, when done properly changing lives.  We need to get beyond the jargon and terminology – it’s about supporting everyone to have active, happy, fulfilled and balanced lives. Maybe one day we won’t need to talk about PBS and Active Support, as it will simply be the way we do things. It’s just good support.”

You can view the full report at https://idhekss.wordpress.com/2021/07/06/out-now-a-skills-development-programme-report-about-positive-behaviour-support-training-by-avenuesgroup/

Click here for an Easy Read version of the report

For more information on Positive Behaviour Support at Avenues see https://www.avenuesgroup.org.uk/our-support/positive-behaviour-support-pbs/