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30 - 1993-2023

Evaluation of equality and diversity training demonstrates value at Avenues

Thursday 2nd of August 2018

New data, taken from managers’ feedback on our equality and diversity training demonstrates the value and positive impact it has had across the organisation.

Our equality and diversity training launched in 2015, and in 2016 a more advanced course was developed for managers. The training has now been delivered to 639 members of staff across the organisation including 105 managers and an additional 12 of the people we support. We also have an Equality Steering Group, with members from across the organisation, who monitor our Equality Action Plan which was launched in 2017.

Steve James, Group Chief Executive said, “Equality and diversity is a key strand of Avenues’ People Plan which underpins all that we do as an organisation. Our commitment to best practice means that we expect all employees to be actively promoting equality, diversity and inclusion throughout their work; both with people we support and with one another. Respect – treating people as we wish to be treated ourselves – is one of our core values and is at the heart of equality, diversity and inclusion.”

As an organisational priority, we felt it was essential to build some feedback around the training. The evaluation showed that following the training 84% of managers felt they were more aware of their own values and beliefs and 96% felt better equipped to challenge discriminatory views, language, behaviour and policies. In addition 85% felt they had a better understanding of the importance of valuing diversity and 92% felt better able to deal with conflict in their teams that may arise from differences in views.

Below is some of the feedback from managers who have attended:

“This is so important on a group wide scale. I have more conversations about this now. It has connected me to a sense of mission and purpose and raised questions about equal opportunities for all”

“This is some of the best training I have been on at Avenues. It connects people to equality and diversity issues, bringing it into the psyche of all of us”

“I have a better insight into the role that I play as a manager in ensuring the teams promote equality”

“I think more about the impact of my actions”

“I am more understanding of others’ views”

“I have always promoted equality and diversity but I now find it useful to talk about Avenues’ commitment to embracing equality and diversity”

“Since the training I challenge staff perceptions of what they think the people we support can and can not do/should and should not do”