Egg hunts, tasty treats and a floral surprise: Easter at Avenues - Avenues Group
30 - 1993-2023

Egg hunts, tasty treats and a floral surprise: Easter at Avenues

Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Despite a UK-wide lock down people across Avenues services spent an active weekend celebrating Easter. Although a difficult time for many, having to be away from family and loved ones, staff rose to the challenge and organised everything from Easter egg hunts to making innovative decorations.

Some services, such as Avenues service in Virginia Lodge, took advantage of the fine weather to organise Easter egg hunts in their gardens or surroundings of their house; “The people we support really enjoyed it” said Service Manager, Natalia Babiarz.


Many services enjoyed baking traditional cakes. Gentlemen from one Surrey service made ‘Nest cakes’ whilst also enjoying the sun. Whilst one service, supporting several baking fanatics in Kent seemed to relish in another opportunity to make cakes “I am afraid we are addicted to baking – Brian enjoys doing it not only before Easter but every Sunday, his housemates don’t mind” said Service Manager Ewa Koziol.


Some fantastic decorations were also produced, including an Easter bunny to catch the passing eye of children ‘teddy spotting’ in one community. Many services got crafty and cards were another favourite.

One service in Surrey received a welcome Easter surprise after deciding to revamp their garden for Summer. “Support worker Tabatha decided to call a local garden centre to see if there were plants available” said Service Manager Iva Hardwick. To the service’s surprise the garden centre in Staines obliged by donating plants and chocolates to people supported and staff. “The manager was lovely and donated lots of hanging baskets, Lindt chocolate eggs for our service users and also chocolate Easter bunny for all staff! It cheered up the whole house for Easter” said Iva.