New guidance for visiting people at our services


As the safety restrictions for the coronavirus lockdown are eased, Avenues services are now inviting visits from families and loved ones.

We are still treating the situation with caution – working in the best interests of the people we support, our teams and visitors themselves. But we fully recognise the importance of these visits and connection to people’s wellbeing, and are keen for families to connect in person where it is safe to do so.

Each service and person we support is different, but below are a range of options for visiting you can discuss with the manager at the location you would like to visit. It may be there are specific adaptions that need to be made to these approaches so they work for everyone, and this will be discussed with you. There may also be other methods that we can agree together. 

While we live under the coronavirus restrictions, it’s essential that you speak to the service manager before any visit, and that that you stick to the agreed timings and approach.

The options outlined are dependent on the current Government guidance at the time of your visit, including social distancing.

All visits will be limited to one hour to reduce the risk of needing a toilet break as we will not be able to allow you access to our buildings.

Options for visiting …

Garden visiting
If the service has a garden with suitable access and facilities it may be possible for you to meet there in the fresh air, again dependent on the weather. This is the preferred method of visiting where possible.

Key points …

  • Current Government guidelines recommend that where possible visits should be a single constant visitor
  • On arrival at the service you will be required to complete a Visitor Declaration Form
  • All visitors will have need to consent to having their temperature checked.
  • Masks should be word during visiting.
  • Hands should be washed/ sanistised on arrival and departure
  • You must not be symptomatic. There will be a questionnaire that will completed when you arrive, and this will be recorded in your loved ones’ care plan
  • All visits will be for up to one hour but no longer.
  • You cannot hug or touch the person you are visiting, which we appreciate will be hard, but is an essential measure.
  • Visitors will be restricted from using toilet facilities within the service. 
  • Please do not bring any gifts, or items you plan to leave behind.

Other ways to visit:-

Window visiting
This can work well for people if the person you are visiting has mobility issues. They would sit at a window at their service which will be open so they can talk to you through the window.

Virtual visiting
You may have connected with your loved one using digital technology before the lockdown, or since lockdown become more familiar with these opportunities offered by tools like Zoom, Skype, and other video call platforms for face-to-face communication.  If this is something you have not done before, the service will be able to advise how it could work for you and the person you’d like to visit.

Drive-through visiting means parking up in your car whilst your loved one sits or stands outside of the car. This approach weather dependant and you wouldn’t be able to get out of the car.

To arrange a visit, please speak call or email the service you wish to visit, or contact us for more information.