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30 - 1993-2023

Avenues is awarded an Age Inclusive Employer Accreditation

Monday 24th of June 2024

Avenues has been accredited as an age inclusive employer through its partnership with Rest Less UK. This accreditation demonstrates Avenues’ commitment to providing an age-inclusive hiring process, and to embracing the benefits that age-diversity can bring to the workplace.


Rest Less works to combat ageism in the workplace, and encourages more age-friendly recruitment strategies. It has been revealed through research from the British Sociological Association that a 50-year-old applicant could be up to three times less likely to get an interview for a position than a 28-year-old. Ageism can be debilitating not only for the individuals who find themselves disadvantaged by their age, but also for companies themselves who aren’t reaping the benefits that a multigenerational workforce can bring.

One of the ways Rest Less advises organisations to make their recruitment strategy more age-inclusive is by making their stance on age diversity clear. By including a diversity and inclusion statement in job adverts, candidates from all age demographics will feel welcome to apply. Other ways include making sure hiring managers receive age-inclusive training, providing candidates with prior information about the interview process, and to keep an eye on your recruitment data to see where you might need to make more efforts to give space to candidates of certain ages. You can find out more about the steps you can take towards age-inclusivity here.

Nadine Fenn, Recruitment Business Partner at Avenues said:

“Avenues is dedicated to being a diverse and inclusive employer, so having this accreditation demonstrates that we are offering rewarding opportunities to everyone who would like to work with us. Our absolute priority is to make the lives of the people we support better every day, and by being an inclusive employer we are removing any barriers to people joining us on this mission.”

This accreditation acts as a progressive addition to Avenues’ overall commitment to being an inclusive employer. Avenues works to remove barriers to joining the organisation, including not requiring any prior experience for Support Worker roles, and keeping personal information of candidates anonymous to hiring managers in the initial stages. Avenues is dedicated to progressing the diversity in its workforce, and by being recognised as an age inclusive employer, it ensures that no one who wants to work at Avenues is left behind.

If you are interested in working for Avenues, please email recruitment@avenuesgroup.org.uk.