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30 - 1993-2023

Autism Hampshire to join Avenues Group 

Friday 22nd of September 2023

Avenues Group and Autism Hampshire have agreed to merge. From 1 November 2023, Autism Hampshire will be part of Avenues Group, subject to agreement of their members.

Autism Hampshire is a regional charity which delivers specialist services to autistic people and their families across the county. They aim to empower autistic people to develop skills and strategies to gain greater control over their lives.

Following a thorough organisational review of Autism Hampshire, their board of trustees decided to look to merge with another organisation. They felt this was the best way of securing the future of their services for the people they support.

Autism Hampshire followed a thorough process to find the right organisation to merge with. They chose Avenues for our shared values, commitment to quality and expertise in supporting people’s lives and careers.

Before agreeing to merge, both charities carried out organisational checks of one another to identify any potential risks.  After this due diligence process, both boards of trustees agreed to go ahead with the merger. We believe that we will be even stronger together.

Why merge with Autism Hampshire?

Avenues believe that Autism Hampshire joining Avenues Group will bring long-term benefits for both charities and the people we support. This merger offers us, as well as Autism Hampshire, more security in a challenging sector.

It will help us to support more people to thrive. It will also strengthen our offer for employees and our wider communities.

Autism Hampshire will bring extra autism and neurodiversity expertise, adding to our existing skills in this area. The work that Autism Hampshire does is impressive. They have a similar commitment to high quality support that is in line with our values.

Through bringing together strengths from both Autism Hampshire and Avenues, we will grow our services for the people we support. Together, we want to create a better future for autistic people in Hampshire and beyond.

Further information

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