Avenues Explains (video)

We've made some short films to break down a few social care terms that we know can be confusing. 

We've also added some extra films which help explain how we try to make a difference to people's lives, and our vision. Thank you to our wonderful practice development Team for getting up in front of the camera!

For more information and explanations, you can also take a look at our glossary of terms


Avenues Explains: Autism 



Avenues Explains: Disability

Avenues Explains: Active Support 


Avenues Explains: The Role of a Service Manager 

Avenues Explains: Challenging Behaviour



Avenues Explains: Positive Behaviour Support 

Avenues Explains: Personal Care


Avenues Explains: What is a Keyworker?

Avenues Explains: Keeping you safe at work 


Avenues Explains: Acquired Brain Injury

Avenues Explains: Transition



Avenues Chief Executive Steve James talks about the distinct way Avenues does things to make sure people enjoy a good life.


A short animation explaining the difference good social care can make to people's lives and communities.




Support workers Judy and Adenike describe how they helped Lynda step forward in life.


Parents Nigel and Mandy talk about how Avenues supports their daughters.



Why Avenues' vision for people to have the opportunity to be active citizens is so important.





Christina's story: A life transformed through the right support