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What does it take to be a support worker?

There isn’t really a typical support worker at Avenues. It’s a role where your outlook, life experiences, and interests come to the fore and can count as much as any previous work in social care. People join us as support workers at different stages in their lives – straight out of college, returning to work, looking for a change or semi-retired. Many people join us without previous experience.

To be a great support worker you don’t need specific qualifications and you will receive training when you start working with us, but we do look for particular characteristics.

Resourcefulness: can you think on your feet even under pressure?
Tenacity: how determined are you to see something through?
Empathy: can you see the world from the point of view of another person?
Flexibility: are you able to go with the flow when things change or don’t go as you thought they would?
Compassion: do you show concern and understanding for other people’s challenges and difficulties?
Patience: do you stay calm when things are going at someone else’s pace or something needs to happen more than once?
Curiosity: do you ask why someone does something in a particular way or wonder what would happen if you tried something different?

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

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