Neil's story

Neil is now looking forward and has identified some new goals for the future.

Neil was 26 when a road traffic accident left him with a severe brain injury.

Before the accident, Neil lived with his girlfriend and enjoyed an active social and professional life as an outdoor pursuits instructor. The accident left him in need of major surgery and dependent on a wheelchair whilst he underwent physiotherapy. He was faced with the challenge of rebuilding his life, which caused him to become anxious and insecure.

When we first started supporting Neil it was twenty-four hours a day. Although he was on the way to recovery, he was experiencing language difficulties and memory deficits and he was unable to live independently.

Neil’s support workers worked with him and his family to put together a rehabilitation plan of specialised memory and language restoration exercises. In addition to this, Neil was supported to find activities, groups and challenges that he could do every day to build his confidence and enhance his rehabilitation.

The team also encouraged Neil to become more independent at home and he started to take control of household tasks. As part of his journey towards an independent life, the team worked with Neil to identify his goals so that he could start to think about the future. Within a year and a half, Neil’s support package reduced from twenty-four hours to just daytime support, so he is totally independent in the evenings. With our support, Neil now attends the gym on a regular basis, swims twice a week and has started to ride a scooter. He has been able to re-establish his social life, spending evenings socialising with friends at the pub and visiting family.

Neil is now looking forward and has identified some new goals for the future.