Clare's Story

“For the first time in a long time, I’ve seen Clare smile, laugh and just be herself. “

"It’s a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that she is okay again. My daughter is now close by, she is living life the way she wants and she is happy. I can’t tell you what this means to me."

Clare has autism and complex needs. After being sectioned under the Mental Health Act she had been admitted as an inpatient to an assessment and treatment centre. She didn’t have many opportunities to go out and her family lived too far away to visit on a regular basis.

The transition from the assessment and treatment centre to her own flat involved many steps of a period of months to make sure that Clare was ready to move. Her new support team spent time building a relationship with her and getting to know more about her interests and hopes for the future so that they could plan how best to support Clare when she moved.

“I’m extremely happy with Clare’s response to the team. Her personality has really shone out now that she has freedom to express herself and control her life the way she wants.”
Mel, Service Manager

The team works with Clare using a mixture of person-centred active support and positive behaviour support. As a result, Clare is now feels more in control. She is able to plan her day with her support team using a visual timetable. Small changes like this, which the team have introduced gradually, have made a difference to Clare’s quality of life.

The positive changes in Clare’s behaviour have allowed her to become more active and even adventurous. Her team has supported her to discover new hobbies, as well as encouraging her to take part in day-to-day tasks like shopping. Clare is supported to go out at least once a day and her new passion is horse riding, which she does once a week.

Clare’s family are happy to see how much her life has improved. They now live much closer to Clare and enjoy their regular visits at her new home.